You, your birth, your choices, your baby

You, your birth, your choice, your baby


Healthy Birth, Healthy Earth

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We are glad to share this international event in Scotland. An incredible oportunity to learn, share and heal birth, therefore earth and humanity. We have been invited to attend conferences and workshops in Findhorn, the biggest ecovillage and spiritual community in North Scotland. I can not imagine a better setting for this conferences. 

Have a look at their website for more information on the lectures and workshops." target="_blank">

An International Conference, Findhorn, Scotland, Sept 3 – 9

This conference is an inquiry into the transformation of human consciousness through re-visioning how we birth and care for our children.


Our earliest experiences as infants set the tone for how we later respond to the world around us. Our capacity to love ourselves, others and the Earth is either enabled or suppressed as we come into being. We are all born and have a story to tell.


Facing the challenges of climate change, can we think in life-affirming ways about this critical period of human bonding? From conception through to early childhood, a consciously supported beginning to life is crucial to the future of civilisation and the Earth.

Come and meet us!

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